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Friday, July 20, 2012


This summer has been kind of crazy so far.  Lots of stuff.  But mostly just trying to take things day to day and enjoy the little things.

Remember how I talked about my "life to do list" a few posts ago and how learning to golf  was on that list?  Well, I'm really happy that I've been able to really take that on as a hobby.  And I REALLY love it.  Like I want to do it at every opportunity.  In fact, I need to set up some golf this weekend...

But back to this post.  Another item on my life to do list is to learn to sew.  I would like to believe I'm semi-crafty. I can crochet and knit thanks to my Grandmother and my friend Barb.  I can use modge podge like a champ too.  Unfortunately, sewing hasn't been a skill that I've really spent time with since my 7th grade home economics class.  I remember making some ridiculous pair of shorts.  I seem to remember having a pretty cool little sewing machine that I used.  I wonder where that went?  hmmm.  In any case, that was the extent of my sewing experience (save for hand sewing)

Fast forward to this summer.  A new store opened in town called Project Anthologies.  It's owned and operated by a lovely person named Melany.  It's a beautiful store with fabric, craft supplies and ideas.  I think it's probably one of the prettiest stores we have in town.  Just look at this window display.  So cute!
But I digress. Again. Melany's a smart girl and is offering a series of classes to take. Many of them are beginning sewing classes. I signed up to take one this week.  This is how the shop looked for the class.  Everyone getting ready. 
Now like I said, I haven't touched a  sewing machine since 7th grade.  At this class we were learning to make pillow covers.  We got a good lesson in machines and got to practice a little before we got down to our actual project. 

The ladies teaching the class were very patient and
fun.  (Especially with me--the sewing dummy)
But after a few hours I was pleased with my final product.  This is the back of the pillow case. 
And this is the front.  Are you really surprised at the color? 
It was a really fun night of learning!  Look at me being a nerd.  haha!

I am so excited to learn more.  I signed up for a few more classes.  This may mean that I need to invest in a sewing machine.  I mean I can't learn without doing homework, right?