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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orange You Glad?

It's National Orange Day! What is National Orange Day, you ask? Well, it's Syracuse University's 139th Birthday.

To commemorate National Orange Day, the University is asking alumni to reach out within local communities and make a difference. And of course, wear Orange. :)

Unfortunately, we are heading back to NY today so I'll be in the car all day and that means I can't do any service in my local community but I will be sporting some Syracuse gear proudly.

Here is Otto and I in 2003 at the Homecoming paradeHappy National Orange Day to those that are celebrating with me (Beth)!


Beth said...

thanks! I couldn't find any appropriate orange to wear to work today... all I have is a hoodie. We had some important people coming in to my office today, so I didn't want to look, well, like a college student. I'm gonna have to invest in some nice orange wear for future years. But don't worry, upon returning home tonight, I will put my Orange hoodie back on while I proudly "reach out and make a difference" in my own home :)

Hope you have a good trip home!


Web Help said...

Its funny I bought a pair of Syracuse sweats at Target, I didnt go there but they are comfy pants.
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Michelle said...

What a cute picture!!