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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking Ahead

I'm taking a break from unpacking tonight. I had my cable and internet hooked up today so I figured I'd curl up on the couch to watch some TV and catch up on facebook and blogs. I have to be at work really early in the morning to help welcome the first year students back to campus. It got me thinking that I can't believe it's really that time of the year. The summer went by way too quickly. I had a great summer for the most part. But now I am looking ahead to some things this fall:

1. Fall decorations--I LOVE the colors and smells in the fall. I was at Bath & Body tonight and saw this cute candle (and it smells amazing). I'm going to need this asap--I didn't get it tonight because I need to unpack before I start bringing more in here. There is also an acorn version too.

2. Going to the local cider mill and a few area museums.
3. Having a great housewarming party at the end of this month.
4. Wearing the new fall clothes that I've picked up this summer and shopping for some more.
5. Going on one more Blues Train ride for the year. I love the Blues Train.
6. Going to a Buffalo Bills game with my Dad
7. Finding new home improvement projects to work on.
8. Watching new episodes of my favorite shows (30 Rock, It's Always Sunny, The Office)
9. Planning and attending my graduate school 5 year reunion
10. Pumpkin Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. (!)

Fall is my favorite season so I'm sure I'll keep adding to this list. What are you looking forward to this fall?


Beth said...

Great list, but wait, when's the grad school reunion? Did I miss something???

Ms. Attitude said...

Fall is my absolute favorite season! I am so excited, but I agree, this summer went by way too fast.