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Monday, October 20, 2014


Hello out there...

It's been an incredibly busy few months.  The summer wasn't the best.  But it wasn't the worst either.  There was a lot of transition in my life.  New life challenges thrown at me.  A new job, the end of another doomed relationship, questions about the whereabouts of my career, my relationships and what the heck I'm actually doing with my life.  I woke up every day and tried my best to just do the best I could do each day...

Then one day, I realized the season was changing.  It was becoming Fall.  The colors were brought back into the world.  Literally and metaphorically.  Something in me changed too.  Something in me brightened again.  

I even started running again. 

And with each passing day of this fall, I feel better and better.   Sometimes as I'm driving or walking around town,  I watch the trees let go of the leaves that were a part of them fall to the ground and how pretty they look scattered about.   It's messy but so beautiful.  

The trees preparing themselves for another winter and eventually the spring bloom.  And just like those trees, I'm shedding the past season of my life and making way for the new one.  I've let go of my "leaves" and am watching them make my world bright and beautiful.

know winter is coming and there may still be hard stuff I need to face, but I also know there is always a spring after winter.

All because of the Fall.


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Ms. Attitude said...

Oh my gosh, honey! You and I are definitely kindred spirits! I've experienced many of the same things this year. I am so glad to know that you are alive and well. :)