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Monday, October 19, 2009

Call Me

Happy Monday!

I had a good weekend. I hosted a party for two of my friends with birthdays coming up this week. It was a great party--lots of funny things that happened. But more on that later.

First I need to tell you all about my new electronic love. As some of you remember I was so excited to get my blackberry this summer. It's worth every penny. Until I moved into my new place. That's right--this part of town is terrible for verizon customers. I was able to get texts and e-mails but I couldn't make a call. So annoying and I didn't realize until I moved in. I certainly didn't want to give up my phone and I definitely didn't want to pay for land line (so 1996). What's a girl on the go to do?

Well, it turns out that verizon makes a network extender. It's kind of like a mini cell tower thing. When I learned of this I knew this was the best option for me. Except that I wasn't crazy about the price tag ($250--yikes) so I spent a good about of time on the phone trying to explain to the verizon peeps that I might need to stop being a customer if I couldn't get the price reduced. Well, they came through for me and offered it to me for $100 if I signed a two year contract. Deal.

I finally got it hooked up this weekend and it's a dream. I went from 2 bars to full service within an hour. It's incredible and completely worth it. Now I don't have to get a land line and I can fully enjoy the blackberry at home. yay!I also wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my friends Courtney & Mark! I hope you had a great day! xoxo.


Mrs. S. said...

Way to talk them down! That's a handy little device.

Anonymous said...

What a neat little gadget! Great find!! I know how much that was stressing you out! Awesome job on the haggling, as well. Rock on!

Thanks for the anniversary wishes!! xoxo

Ms. Attitude said...

That was nice of them. I am looking to get a blackberry too.

Anonymous said...

huh. I didn't know there were still areas that verizon didn't reach. Just kidding - I remember very well how spoty cell service is in o-town. I didn't know they made such a device. Way to get a good deal!