• Fashion is about what you wear. Style is about how you live your life. ~Ralph Lauren

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All About The Socks.

In the last year I've had to replace pretty much ALL of my clothes because nothing fit me (in the too big kind of way). I pretty much only have a handful of dress pants that fit right now so I decided that I would extend my wardrobe by wearing tights, leggings, and boots with dresses and skirts (I have a lot of dresses/skirts). Then a few months ago I realized that I could even use knee socks. Whoa. It's a little sassy. It's a little school girl. It may be a little silly, but I like it. So today was a knee sock day. It's not my cutest pair but I like them.

Here they are taken in my office mirror reflection. Up close. My scarf coordinates with the pink too.
So there you have it. Another way for me to extend my closet through these cold winter months. What's your "it" fashion thing right now?


Ms. Attitude said...

My "it" fashion thing right now are my new bangs. :) You rock those socks, girl!

Courtney said...

So cute! I love it!

My "it" fashion thing right now is...oh...let me think...ugh....

God, I'm a wreck. I'd have to say I am all about the humongous cowl neck sweaters that are all over. And of course, my Sunflower Seeds Handmade Jewelry! ;o)

Mrs. S. said...

So very cute!

I don't really have an "it" right now...maybe just some Old Navy sweaters...cute and comfy!

The Pink Chick said...

You are too cute! I love your knee socks! Congrats on your wardrobe being too big! That is so awesome!!!