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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nailed It

I'm not ignoring blogville. I'm super busy at work right now. The only thing I really have time to do outside of the normal day-to-day stuff is make sure I don't have chipped nails. ha ha. And since I spend so much time doing my nails I figured I would create a gallery of the colors I wear (it's housed on facebook) At first I thought it was just something silly (eh, it may be but whatever) but the more I add to it the more I'm convinced that it's actually a pretty decent idea. This way I can refer back to the colors I have and how it looks on me. And if you want to borrow a color--you can check out what I have. So here's the gallery so far:

I've put the link in the corner because I'm pretty sure you will be on the edge of your seat seeing what's on my nails every few days.

I'll be back to update you on life soon...after I do my nails, of course.

Happy Tuesday!


~ Mama said...

I've already used your nook a few times as a reference! Those OPIs are just too expensive to pick randomly, so thanks:)

Anonymous said...

I came across "in my back pocket" (opi) bright orange nail polish today. I almost bought it for March Madness... and I still may go back for it. It's really ORANGE!