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Sunday, February 28, 2010

ShUt it Down

After two snow days last week, I shoveled my driveway and dug out my car and was ready to get out of town for the day. My destination--Syracuse to see the big Villanova game with my friend Beth and her husband Kevin. I was going to this game no matter what kind of weather I had to drive through, but I'm really glad it wasn't snowing anymore.

Before I left, I made sure all of the important things were taken care of. Like making sure I had had the most spirited nails possible. Beth painted hers when I got there.
After drinking some orange champagne and hanging out with Beth and her adorable children, we got ready to head out to the Dome.
Our seats were crazy high up but it was fine. We could see. The only bad thing was the hike up the stairs. Whoa. I think we worked off the beers we drank.
So happy! And check out the bows in our hair.Orange everywhere.
Final Score. yay!
I finally got the "Shut it Down" shirt I wanted.
It was a great night and I was so glad to see Beth and her family. Thanks B for thinking of going to this game and having a birthday to make this possible. :) And give Ryan and Colleen a big hug from me--I can't wait to see you all again.
For the rest of you--LET'S GO ORANGE!!!


CBL said...

Sweet juicy orange victory :>

Ms. Attitude said...

Don't you love it when your alma mater wins the big game? I feel the same way about Mizzou.

The Pink Chick said...

Fun! By the way, love your manicure! It looks great! I stink at painting my nails!