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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday Night Fun

Sometimes there is nothing more fun than going out with a few friends to enjoy good music and laughter. That's exactly what I did on Friday night. This great local band was playing at a bar that I usually avoid at all costs. It's a bar that many underage college student frequent--and as a college administrator you can imagine how I feel about this place. I've spent many a night in the emergency room because a first year student is getting their stomach pumped after a night out at this establishment. blah. SO it was ironic that it was the scene of fun with my friends. And thankfully there were NO underage college students to be seen. We had a great time and the band was so fun. We didn't drink too much but we were pleased to see that the graduation champagne special was still in place. (you all know how I love my champagne) So we bought a bottle and enjoyed every cheap drop of it. :)

Emily, Jill and I with our bottle.
It's entertaining to take pictures with the champagne. Maybe I should mention that I wish more bars sold champagne by the bottle around here. I say this all the time. So it was super funny to get it at the one place I avoid.
Jill and I enjoying the music
Emily and I
Here's to fun summer nights with good friends!

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