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Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend of Fun

I love the kind of weekend that is so full of stuff that you fall asleep every night completely exhausted. But the good kind of exhausted. The kind that means you've been surrounded by friends and fun. That's what this weekend was like.

Friday night I had some friends over for a little BBQ. Actually, it wasn't supposed to be a big deal. A few students were going to stop over and have dinner. It turned out to be a few more people...but it was a nice way to start the weekend.

The flag cake--it's my tradition every year. Club Chestnut deck is smaller than it looks. But it was fun.
We caught up on some Skipbo. It's a really fun card game by the makers of Uno. My family used to play it when I was younger. I thought no one else had ever heard of it. Until this year. So fun!
Saturday was a beautiful day! I went to the lake with Cristina, Tim and Sam. We had a very restful afternoon of sitting on the "beach" and then going for a paddle boat ride. That wasn't as restful but it was funny (and good exercise for me)
Cristina and I. She was REALLY uncomfortable sitting in the middle of the boat with Sam on her lap. Of course, I had my camera with me. Gilbert Lake. I always forget how much I love this place. I need to go there more often.
On the 4th of July I went to my Great Aunts' house (they live about 5 minutes from me) for lunch. It was nice to catch up. I need to go over there more often. Walking into their house makes me feel happy because it's never changed in all of my life. They are my Grandfather's sisters and this is the house they all grew up in. I love that!
After I came home and napped, I headed down to the park with my friend Jill to listen to a band and watch fireworks. Cristina, Tim and Sam met up with us there too.
The finale to a great weekend!
Hope your 4th was filled with fun, too!

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