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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Making My Cameo

It's been awhile. Not because life has been boring around here. The college students came back so they've been getting about 90 percent of my time. The other 10 percent has been devoted to a little drama in the personal life. Don't worry, it's really minor drama.

I did manage to break away from work last weekend to go to the Grand and Glorious Garage sales in town. It's a yearly tradition for Main Street to be blocked off and people put out tables with their treasures for us to buy. Fun! Sadly, I didn't buy too much (just a little stool) and this...
I'm all about the cameos right now. I have been looking around for them and it seems that garage sales seem to have them from time to time. I love this one-it's classic looking. I wore it this week and got lots of comments about it. I love interesting accessories so this could really spice up an outfit. And it was $3. Even better. Oh and it's really a pin so I can wear it that way OR as a necklace. I prefer the necklace but I may rock it as a pin sometime.

Then I found this little one. I haven't worn it yet. It was $1.
I got this one at a sale a few weeks ago. I've worn it quite a bit since and really love it.
I love how accessories can really change your life. What accessories are you really into right now?
More to come soon...
Happy Thursday!


Angie said...

Love the Cameos!!

Ms. Attitude said...

I really like cameos. Especially when they are brooches too!