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Monday, April 2, 2012


I haven't gotten around to it but wanted to document last weekend. You might not know what a huge Syracuse fan I am. Oh, I've mentioned that? Okay then.

Well, after the win over Wisconsin, I was texting my favorite fans and my friend Beth randomly asked if I wanted to go to the Elite 8 game in Boston. Um, yes!!

So last Saturday (on National Orange Day) I headed to meet Beth for our little journey. It was a fun time although our boys lost the game. It was easier to take being there than if I was at home watching. I would have thrown something at the TV for sure.

I'm sad that it's over for the cuse. But I'm even more sad that after tonight --it's a long time until November! I'm including some pictures from the game. And don't worry I still have one more basketball post to go after tonight. We are hosting a viewing and I'm in charge of the event so I did my best to theme it up. :)

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