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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


One of the perks of my job is that I get to plan programs for students that are fun for me too.  Although I'm totally bummed that SU is out of the tournament, I was able to coordinate the NCAA final game to be shown on campus.  We hired a company to bring a big screen to project the game on.  I think the screen is like 25 feet or something like that.  It's big.  Since I love a good theme party, I decided to make some extras for the experience. 

I spent some time making little signs for the respective teams.
The Big Screen was a perfect way to watch the game.
Unfortunately, I was wearing this garbage for the entire day due to a lost bet with a co-worker.  He though he was funny by making me wear an ORANGE Kentucky shirt.  Salt in wound. 
More of the signs I made. 
We raffled off some prizes too. It was fun to go shopping for this event. 
I'm sad that the basketball season has come to an end.  It really brings me something to look forward to in teh winter months.  It's a long time until November...what will I do now?  :)

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