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Monday, February 10, 2014


I'm feeling blue.

Like the kind of blue that makes me want to sleep.  A lot. 

I kind of know why...

But then it seems so dumb that I think "this can't possibly be why".

I spent the weekend in seclusion.  It was either the best thing I could have done or the worst.  I went to work on Sunday and did my best academy award winning performance of "the girl that always has fun"  came home and went directly to bed.  Today did not start out any better.  I wanted to cry within an hour of being awake. 

I want to turn it around.  I know something good has to come of today so I've...

1.  Read some feel good stories of the Olympics
2.  Read about an inspirational little girl on a blog
3.  Drank some tea.
4.  Checked the basketball rankings and Syracuse is still #1
4.  Noticed how nice the sun shining outside is

(Note:  all of this done at my desk)

I know that bad days come and go.  I know that there are a lot of things to be thankful for.  But I just feel blue.  

I think it's time to make a new game plan for the rest of this week.   Hopefully I'll turn it around and feel more like myself.  This is an odd post but I needed to write it down.

Happy thoughts welcome here...



Ms. Attitude said...

Think Pink!

You're freaking AWESOME!!

Karen Rains said...

Quit feeling blue...that's Duke's color!

cm said...

The comments ahead of mine are the best. I should give up now.

I was just going to stop by and tell you that I love you. xo