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Friday, February 21, 2014

Making It

Still feeling the February blahs.  I hate it when I start to question things.

But whatever. 

I've been keeping busy with work and the usual grind...and making stuff.  I've had a sudden burst of wanting to be creative (read as watch some tutorials on line and recreate the stuff I like).

I did up these Dollar Store water cups with a ribbon and personalized them for my volleyball team.  (we haven't won a game yet so we need to have cute things)

Made up some sugar scrubs for my coworkers for Valentine's Day.  (coconut oil, sugar, lavender and pink food coloring).  This scrub is amazing!  I 1use it on my face daily.  And use coconut oil for moisturizer.  It's so much better than any pro44duct I have ever used. 
I wanted a fun theme valentine's outfit and found a cute t-shirt with a heart but it was $40.  Um, I'll spend money on good clothes but not on a t-shirt for one day.  So I found a blog that had a tutorial about how to make a J Crew inspired sweater that retailed for $80 last year.  So I had this sweater in my closet (it was about to go to the consignment shop) and made a felt heart and sew it on.  And I only spent $1 on the supplies for it.  BOOM.

Last weekend I met a girl that had the cutest bow in her hair while she was shopping at Bath and Body.  She said she had made it.  So it became my mission to figure out how to make cute bows like this.  You know how I love to wear ribbon bows in my hair (especially on game days).   I spent some time with pinterest and found a few tutorials that I liked.  I have  a lot of scrap fabric at home so I played around and was able to get it down.  I love how they turned out.  And they would be good for bow ties too.  So if anyone needs bows...let me know.  I'm making some today for a friend and her little girl. 

What can I make next? 

Happy Friday!  Beat DUKE!

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