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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I've mentioned what a great month May is already.  It's been filled with love and good friends.  Old and new. 

And this weekend was a good example of that.  On Sunday we celebrated little Tyler's baptism.  (Note:  I've been dreading this event for awhile because of the dynamics between me and a person from my past.  However, on the morning of it I realized that it no longer mattered about the beef between me and that person.  I only cared about Tyler and being really present in that moment with him.  And that's exactly what happened. )

It was a lovely day!

Before a baptism, you should always take a selfie to send to your friend that isn't there. duh.

Sweet little Emma and Sofia.  I can't even.  These girls are wonderful!
Tyler giving me the eyes as he awaits the baptism.
Isabel, Tyler and some lovely friends
Tyler's grandparents
I love this picture of us.  I never print pictures but I want this one in a frame in my house.  I am so thankful I met Isabel and have gotten to be a part of her children's lives.  It makes my heart full.  And when I ever doubt some of the life choices I've made in the last few years, I am reminded that if I hadn't made some of those unfortunate choices--I wouldn't have met some of the people that I treasure in my life  now. 
The incredible cake.  It was beautiful and tasty.
And every once in awhile a picture is taken that captures a true moment.  I was pretty damn happy in this moment.  It was a great afternoon!  And I may be slightly biased but Tyler is the cutest!
After the baptism fun was over, I went to a BBQ for a bit to see some friends.  Here is a great picture of Sabrina and Shawn.  So cute!

On Memorial Day I hung out in the sun and relaxed with friends.  It was a nice day!

It was a great weekend filled with some of my favorite people!  I feel very thankful for every one of them! 

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