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Monday, June 2, 2014

Show Time

This weekend was good and busy. 


On Friday night I had a date with Dave Matthews Band in Saratoga.  I haven't seen them in two years so I was super excited to be back at it.  There is something about a DMB show that makes me feel so calm and carefree.  I want to bottle up that feeling forever. 
Michelle and I enjoying the concert.
And because I have to keep a record of the setlists (he played a lot of songs I really wanted to hear--yay!)

On Saturday night I went to a very different kind of show.  This one was the dance recital of three of my very favorite little girls.  My heart was full watching them dance.  And after the show I got the three of them together for a picture.  This is probably one of the most accurate personality demonstrating pictures ever. 

Little Eliza had such a stage presence.  She was so expressive and wonderful to watch.  She's a magical little girl.
And Emma.  Oh, Emma!  She is something else.  She was running around taking pictures with my phone and being adorable.  I love how miserable she looks in this picture but it was smiles all around otherwise.  She's hilarious. 
Besides these fun things I worked and spent some time with a new friend.  I'm learning a lot about myself right now and looking forward to the future.  And enjoying the moments along the way.  June is off to a good start!

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Ms. Attitude said...

It's amazing to me that a few years ago, (probably around the time I started reading your blog) that I didn't like DMB. Now, though, my tastes in music have changed and the band often appears on my Pandora.

Those girls are so adorable!