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Monday, May 11, 2009

Polka Dots and Flowers

It's a REALLY busy day but I haven't really updated in awhile (except a quick one last night) so I thought I'd take a mini break to check-in in blog land.

I've been pretty crazy at work. It's the end of the semester so it's good busy. It means the students are out of here soon. I had a great weekend. It started with going to a Wine Auction/Tasting last Thursday for the Athletic Dept. It was fun and I did find a new wine that I love. Sadly, I can not remember the name so I may be on the search for this all summer. All I know was that it was yummy.

Friday was dinner and a play on campus--it was cute.

Saturday was great. A good weight watchers meeting (weigh in--not the meeting) followed by two walks, shopping and relaxing. I fell asleep early watching a movie. It was a truly lovely day. And I didn't think about anything other than being in the moment. Awesome!

Sunday was all about organizing my shoes in my closet and then going to see my mom. Another relaxing and great day.

And because some students are waiting to see me, I'm going to leave you with two items that I am currently coveting. Every post needs some pretty things to look at, right?

I love these shoes. From Payless. You could pay more, but why? ha ha. I think I'm going to be owning them in the VERY near future.

And I adore this Vera bag in Hope Garden (style is called the Gabby) Also going to be a purchase in the near future.
I hope you are all having a great Monday!


Jaded Jill said...


Jessica said...

I ownED those shoes for a short period of time but then got serious buyers guilt and they had to be returned. I live by the motto- "buy it and try it" - I didn't want the remorse you felt when you left the green bag behind so I purchased them during BOGO- but than sadly returned them to their home.

Ms. Attitude said...

I LOVE those shoes! It's good to hear from you. Things have been busy here too.

Mrs. S. said...

Those shoes are adorable! There are some really cute ones at Payless right now.

Mrs. Newlywed said...

Those shoes are AMAZING.