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Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm the worst blogger ever lately. Thanks for your book suggestions. I will be posting my book list soon. I have been wanting to update every day but I'm REALLY distracted with some stuff right now and I haven't had anything fun to write about. I can't seem to concentrate. On anything. It's highly annoying.

I'm also in serious avoidance about some stuff I need to do. Namely, finding a new place to live. I've wanted a new apartment for a LONG time but now I'm not quite as excited about it as I once was. And every day I wake up with intentions to focus, but then I get distracted by random other things. Does this ever happen to you?
Meet my new distraction tonight:My friend Alisha gave me the Bumpit for watching her cat while she was away. . I've been fascinated by the infomercial since I first saw it. Thanks so much, Alisha. You are so thoughtful and you know what I like! :)

Here is my first attempt to use the Bumpit with the headband. It's definitely fun! And for the record, I really miss my camera. (This was taken with my phone). I guess I'll focus on real stuff tomorrow. After all, I need big hair to find a new place to live, right?

Have a great night!


Lis said...

YAY!! I got them last night!! Your hair is so gorgeous - it looks great!!

Good luck with finding a new home!! :)

CBL said...

Someone has a July birthday coming up and might want a bumpit too...

The Pink Chick said...

Your hair is so pretty!!!!

Ms. Attitude said...

You have got such beautiful hair!