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Friday, April 2, 2010


While I was at Verizon last weekend searching for an orange cover for my blackberry, I was surprised to learn that I am going to be eligible for an upgrade. Weird. I just got my blackberry curve last June. I'm not sure why I'm eligible again. I wasn't really looking to get a new phone....BUT I couldn't help but to look at the phones and wondering which one I'd pick next. (Why is this always so much fun?)

The Tour is an option. It seems like a good phone. Sensible.
BUT I'm a sucker for the curve. It doesn't have the tracking ball, but I think that may be good for me because mine gets stuck from time to time. And it's purple.
I know I don't necessarily need a new phone but it's nice to have the option. Especially a purple option.
What's a girl to do?


Ashley said...

Get the purple curve! I have one and I Love it!

Ms. Attitude said...

I have a blackberry bold and love it to peices! Now, if only they could make these in green, you and I would both be set, right?