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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Day O Green

St. Patrick's Day is probably one of my most favorite days of the year.  Green is everywhere and there is a hint of spring in the air.  And and it's an excuse to drink beer in the daylight hours.  I know people think it's silly but I just like it. And let's face it...I love an excuse to be themed for a day. 

Prior the the green festivities, I got to have some good relaxation time.  I ran 4 miles on Saturday morning---I really like this program my Nike app has me doing.  I ran alone.  Outside.  It was wonderful.  I'm actually starting to really enjoy the run as it's happening and not just after it's done. 

On Sunday I went to yoga and had coffee with my friend, Isabel.  It was such a nice way to spend a morning. Yoga was hard but great.  We actually met on St. Patrick's Day two years ago so it was cool to hang out to commemorate that.  We are makeup less in this picture but whatever.  Gotta remember the little moments in life.
I ran errands all afternoon and then met up with some other friends for drinks.  These ladies are just so great  and fun to be around.   A good way to end my lovely Sunday off. 
I went home to get prepared for the green festivities that were happening in my office.  I made these shamrock chips out of spinach wraps. 
I made these pots of gold for my Bath and Body ladies.
And for my office co workers I made these cards with a pocket hand sanitizer that says lucky to work with you. 
My office is really fun so we had a little contest to see who could be the most spirited st. Patrick's outfit.  Of COURSE, I meant business so I busted out the boa and the big green bow. 
Here is some of our office staff showing our spirit. 
We also had a green potluck in the office.  Everyone brought something green in to eat.  It was so fun and so yummy!
And then I won a shamrock plant for being the most spirited green person!  Ha.  My supervisor and I are competitive so I took this picture for her just to rub it in.  We truly have so much fun in our office and I love that we do these theme days. 
After work, I headed out for a drink with a few girls I work with.  It was a fun time.  Sometimes I worry that I lead the most boring life ever.  But I guess I pretty much have fun no matter what I'm doing.  Life is good. Happy Tuesday!

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Ms. Attitude said...

I love St. Patrick's Day too, simply because of all the green. I wish my office was as cool as yours! I am so jealous!