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Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 Years of Cuteness.

Yesterday I ventured down to Lucy's 2nd birthday party. Lucy is the beautiful daughter of one of my best girls, Courtney. I missed her 1st birthday last year because I had to attend a wedding so I wasn't going to miss this one. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love little Miss Lucy! She is so adorable and sweet. And I always love to go down to see Courtney and Mark and their families. I only spent the afternoon but it was so nice to see them all.

Lucy & I
Lucy & her new baby doll.
Yum, cake.
And I also got to meet Brodie. He's so beautiful--with those huge blue eyes.
I had a great time! And after the stress I've been feeling lately, it was nice to see these cute little faces to remind me how lucky I am to have friends that I consider family. :)
I'm off to Maine today so I'll be out of the blog loop for most of the week but I'll be back with pictures from our adventures there. Have a great week!

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Courtney said...

We were so happy that you were able to join the fun. We love you!!! xoxo