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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Way Life Should Be

I've always noticed that people that are from Maine always seem to LOVE their state. I've never really noticed that about any other state except for Maine. And there are a lot of tag lines for the state: Vacationland, The Pine Tree State, and my personal favorite, The Way Life Should Be. Not only do people who were born and raised there love it, everyone I've ever met that has visited there for any period of time has come back with only great things to say about the 23rd State. I've been before, but I guess I didn't fully get it back then.

This week my friend Jill and I took a trip to see our friend Andi (she used to work with us before she returned to her native Maine to go to graduate school) and Steph (she used to go to school here and live next door to me before she went back to Maine to go to grad school too). It was a great week! It was so relaxing to be away from here and all the stresses that I had been feeling.

Andi was a great host and took us to some touristy spots. Our first day was the best weather and we spent it in Bar Harbor. Such a cute place! We went in to the little shops and had lunch there.
Jill, Me and Andi Andi took us to where she & Steph went to grad school (U of Maine Orono). It's a nice campus and almost made me want to go back to school. Almost.

This is a project that one of the sororities did on campus ( a planter with pink flowers) for breast cancer awareness.

I would love to do something like this on our campus.

Thebullet proof tent on campus. Random.We ventured down to Andi's mom's house for 2 days too. It was so great to finally meet her mom. I've heard so much about her and this farm that she lives on. It was great! We spent the nights sitting around the kitchen table eating, playing cards, laughing, listening to the radio.

Here are Steph, Andi and Jill during our kitchen table bonding time.

We played Gin Rummy. I dominated. Even though Jill says I can't count.

Here is a picture of Jersey, Andi and John's new puppy. She is SO cute. This is her during our game night. We also went to Freeport (the home of LL Bean) but I didn't get pictures of that because I was too busy shopping at the outlet stores. We also went to the outlets at Andi's house too.

I had a great time in Maine this week. Thanks to Andi for being a great hostess. I can't wait to go back to Maine...

to The Way Life Should Be, indeed.


CBL said...

I was waiting for pics! Very nice. And YOU DO dominate at Rummy, I will vouch for that. Other people can't count.

Andi said...

There's another tagline for Maine you didn't include... "Where America's Day Begins," which I think sounds like an ad for some morning talk-news show. Probably a really lame one hosted by some obscure family member of someone who was famous ten years ago. Like, a Lachey or someone. Maine misses you. Come back soon!

Beth said...

Roxy & Ginger did Maine once... fun times, great place!