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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

County Fair Time

Today was my first day back to work. I have to say I was pretty happy to be back. I love being off but I also really like getting back into a routine. Although, I feel like the first day back is all about catching up with people and trying to remember what I had been doing before I left.

After my busy day, a few of us headed to the county fair for the "free night" I always go and watch the Fireman's parade because some of my family is involved in that and then there are fireworks after. Not to mention the fair food and people watching. wow. The people watching is a blog entry all of its own....yikes.

Liz, Jill, Vinny and Jared getting ready for some fair fun.

One of my favorite parts is seeing all of the animals. Love the baby goats!Kind of random--a Kangaroo (with a baby in her pouch)

I'm tired from all the excitement today. I have much to tell about other things in life but I'll wait until after tomorrow.

Do you go to your county fair? What's your favorite part?

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Beth said...

awww.. I heart the Otsego County Fair! Good times!