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Thursday, August 13, 2009


I returned to work for real this week. Meaning I had to actually work more than 2 consecutive days. Whoa. Crazy right? Actually, it was nice to begin to get back into my schedule again. It's sad to think that the summer is almost over for me. The students return the first week of September. So there is A LOT to get done before they return. So this means I've been kind of boring. I spent last weekend getting organized and this week I've done nothing but go to work and try to get some stuff off my summer to-do list done. So that's why the lack of posts.

I did frame my poster from the DMB concert. I hung it in my office. This is hardly newsworthy but I really like it and wanted to share it with you. (see, it really is a slow news week)

I AM excited about my new apartment. I will be moving in at the end of the month but I will have to be out of my current apartment next weekend so I'm going to store my stuff in the garage at my new place and I'll move in the 31st/1st. I didn't really share much about it before, so here's the run down: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, good sized kitchen, dining room, small back deck, enclosed front porch. It's going to be good. I am really looking forward to moving in and getting settled. It's nice to not feel stress about finding a place anymore. Now I just feel excited and can't wait to get in there. Soon enough. I also want to plan a really fun house warming party. If you have any ideas about that, please let me know. I know there will be much champagne provided to all guests. :)

Another random picture from this week. This is Gracie laying on the shorts I had JUST put on the bed while I was getting the shirt out of the drawer. I swear if I lay an article of clothing down she just has to lay on it immediately. I wonder why. Maybe she really does think I need her hair on all my clothes. hmmm. And she looks pretty pleased with herself doesn't she?
Tonight I'm kind of relaxing at home watching Entourage Season 5 from Netflix. Tomorrow my NC family is coming up for my Grandfather's committal service on Sunday. My grandma, aunt, cousin and her boyfriend are staying with me so it'll be nice to have them here. I'm taking the day off to do some errands and stuff. I mean, I've worked 4 days this week. I wouldn't want to overdo it.

Have a great night and enjoy your Friday!


Angie said...

Love the DMB pic! and your apt. so SO nice!! I can't wait to see it!!

The Pink Chick said...

I absolutely love the poster! I am jealous! I want one for my office too! :)