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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boots & Bags

I mentioned my love of boots right now. Well, I didn't share the story of a few weeks ago. I went shopping on a Saturday morning (after a terrible night) to cheer myself up. I decided that getting new boots would be the answer to all my troubles for the moment. So I tried on this pair of black riding boots. They were cute and I was pretty much sold. But I had seen another pair in a different store and I wanted to make sure I didn't like those better. So I put my boots back on the shelf and went to check out the others. (My friend works at this shoe store so I told her I'd be back in a few) After about 20 minutes I decided that the boots at the first store were the ones for me. So I went back in to purchase my boots. Only to discover that my size was no longer there. I found my friend and asked her. They were being bought by another lady. (who would not wear them as cutely as I would have, I might add) So that was that. No boots for me that day. Sadness.

That was a few weeks ago... I still don't have those boots (I think later this week/next week) BUT....

Check out what I just got to fill the void
I love them and actually am wearing them today with a jean skirt. I don't think the picture captures the cuteness, but I assure you they are cute.

And I'm also carrying this little cutie that my friend Cristina brought me as a little surprise on Saturday. The handles are green--I just hadn't taken off the tissue paper yet. And I'm taking a half day at work. It is a good day!

Happy Tuesday!

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