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Thursday, November 26, 2009


I haven't blogged in awhile. The reason is because I've had a lot going on that I couldn't really write about (mostly all good). But today I wanted to take a pause to write about what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful that this year has brought me so many life lessons. I'm thankful for the wonderful people in my life--the people that love me no matter what happens and tell me so when I need to hear it. I'm thankful for new friends that have opened my heart a little more. I'm thankful that I've found some inner strength to deal with some aspects of my life that have been unpleasant for a long time. Mostly, I'm thankful that I've started a new chapter in my life and finally feel at peace with who I am and what I want. It's nice to finally feel that way. I'm thankful for the tiny blessings in daily life...

Today was a nice Thanksgiving. My friends Jared and Lizz (newly engaged) came over to celebrate. They brought the turkey and I provided the atmosphere and the desserts. :)

Here is the table before the food...The spread...Jared and Lizz actually brought a turkey that they killed at a local farm (free range--grass fed). I was really impressed with them. I might go do that next year. Here they are unpacking it. It was delicious too. Probably the best turkey I've ever had.Thankful we were finally about to eat...It was a great day with good friends. I even managed to bring a plate of food & one of my pies to a friend that couldn't make it today. Today my heart and stomach were happy and full--and I'm thankful for that.
I hope you all had a great day with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Love! Glad it was filled with good food and good friends! xoxo ~Courtney

CBL said...

This sounds wonderful and delicious! Glad you all had a lovely holiday together. As much as I love family holidays, I very much want to have a 'friend family' Thanksgiving too - because I'm thankful for them as well. :)