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Friday, November 6, 2009

What To Wear

When I get bored, stressed, or have a few minutes of free time I like to think of new ideas of what to wear. I people watch ALL the time to check out what they are wearing. I'm sure we all do this in varying degrees, right. I definitely plan out my hair or outfit for the next day while I'm sitting in a boring meeting.

Anyway, during some of these fashion brainstorming sessions I remembered a fashion statement I made back in high school (it was the 90's). The Eastland loafer. I used to ROCK the Eastlands. I even did the Eastland knot. Wow! I really loved these. Did any of you wear these or was it just my high school? I almost want a pair again. I remember them being really comfortable.

But back to 2009. I am obsessed with boots right now. As everyone seems to be right now. I am loving boots of all kinds. I really love boots with skirts. I love wearing skirts and dresses and want to find ways to incorporate them into winter. These are the looks I currently want to try out (both are taken from gap.com)

I love this look. So cute.
And this one is great. I adore the boots but I saw a girl wearing the knee socks with them the other day and I thought it was great. I need to go get knee socks. pronto.

Now I want to go shopping.
Have a great Friday!


Ms. Attitude said...

I want to go shopping too!

We wore the eastlands also. And I loved them!

Anonymous said...

I had the Eastlands. And I tied the funky knot, too. In fact, when I first looked at the picture of the loafer, the first thing I thought of was "the knot"!