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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa Loves Me

(This was a delayed post--It's been sitting unpublished for awhile)
Christmas is over for another year.   This year was  a little better than last year.  But I still find it really stressful.  I miss the days when it was magical and I couldn't wait to go home to see my family.  I still want to do that but it's just different now.  
On Christmas Eve I did a photo shoot with my cats because I found a little Santa hat in my Christmas decorations.   Much to their dismay, I must add.    Ha ha.
Gracie (the Grinch)  Doesn't she look irritated? 
Sadie Claus (or Claws) 
After the morning of torturing my cats, I headed out to pick up something at walmart and I was disgusted to find that everyone in town was also there.  And everyone was so rude.  SO RUDE.  It made me so sad to realize that for many, Christmas is about stuff.  And cheap, stupid stuff at that.  I got what I needed and headed out as quickly as possible.  As I was driving home I realized that  I want Christmas magic back.  I want to hang out with family and friends and laugh and enjoy company and not be worried about what's under the tree. 
Anyway, I went to my parents house on Christmas Eve to go to church with my Dad.  It was nice.  I needed a night away from here.  I got a decent night sleep with their dog, Gabby.  I love that dog.  No matter how long I'm away, she remembers that she loves me and wants to sleep with me at night.  I miss her.  A LOT. 
Christmas morning was nice.  I was very surprised that Santa was as kind as he was this year.  You may recall that my beloved laptop died a few months ago.  I'd been borrowing a computer from work to get by while shopping around for a new one.  Well, Santa solved that for me. 
A beautiful new laptop.  I love it and I am very grateful for this wonderful gift.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Santa!!  As I said, I know Christmas isn't about gifts but I wanted to be sure to express my thanks for this thoughtful gift.  I appreciate it very much.  We spent the day hanging out and had a nice dinner.   I headed back to my house later that night.  I wanted to stay over again but I was concerned about the snow and that my cats were alone.  I came back and fell right to sleep. 

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and found a little of your own kind of Christmas magic!

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