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Thursday, December 2, 2010


This has been a very boring week.  It rained a lot Tuesday and Wednesday.  Besides being extra thankful that it wasn't snow, I was excited to wear my new rain boots.  These are really out of character for me but I needed to get real rain boots for a long time and they sell these at the campus bookstore so I found the most festive pair. There is something to be said for practical shoe choices. 
 Things at work have been busy.  It's the end of the semester so there are lots of meetings and projects.  Blah.  I have slept on the couch for 2 consecutive nights because I fell asleep watching TV.  Tonight I will not do that, I hope.  Anyway, in between everything else, I'm trying to plan my birthday party this year.  I've never thrown myself a party and I've had very few parties in my life for my birthday.  This year calls for a party.  I need to kick off this new year with some sass.   This past year has been so up and down.  It's time to kick it off in a new direction.  So I did the invitation tonight.  Last night I bought a dress that could be a contender for the party.  It's simple but I think I can give it a little sass with cute shoes and good accessories.  The party will be on December 18th so I have a little time to figure out the final outfit. 
Oh and I have been back on track with WW.  I am drinking a lot of water and counting my points like crazy.  Next up is switching up my exercise program.  I need to join a gym again because the campus doesn't give me many options for using the gym here.  I'm not joking around anymore.  I think I want to run the 10K in October.  So it's time to do it up and stop being so bored.  :)

Happy Thursday!

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Angie said...

you go girl! I love the dress, it's really cute! The boots are cute too I need to get some of those!