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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I saw this on pinterest awhile ago and repinned it. But read it again the other day and it really spoke to me. I'm pretty tired of thinking about all that has transpired in my life and wondering about how I could have changed things or why people (many) that I cared about have behaved the way they have. It's like a puzzle that's missing pieces and I can't solve it. My brain and my heart need some peace. So I'm going to follow the crude advice and leave the pieces and get on with it. And I'm going to focus on the people that want to be in my life. I'm pretty great and I deserve to stop feeling awful and beating myself up over stuff I have no control over. I certainly can't control the hurt that people have caused but I can control the power it has over me. So if you're looking for me...I'll be moving on.


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I've had this on my FB forever! It's worded probably the way my filthy mouth would say it, and it really rings true. Sadly not everything is meant to be repaired. I hope you find some inner peace :)