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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What a Ride!

A few weeks ago, I was getting into my car to go to work and I saw a girl riding down the street riding an old looking bike with a basket on the front.  I stopped and thought to myself, "That looks so relaxing and lovely"    For whatever reason the idea of a bike like that caught my attention.  You can mock me all you want, but I had visions of riding this bike to a farmer's market on a Saturday morning.  It just seemed so nice to me.  So in true AG fashion, I googled vintage bikes that weekend.  I found the inspiration of what I'd be looking for...
I just love how it looks. I knew I needed to have something similar.  Two people told me there was a vintage bike in a thrift shop in town so I went down there a few times.  Each time they were closed.  Ugh.  Rather than waiting for that shop to open, I did a search on google for vintage bikes for sale in my area. As fate would have it, there was a lady selling one about 30 minutes from here.  I wrote her an email and after about 3 weeks, we finally found a time that worked for both of us.  So tonight I drive there to take a look at it.

And now I'm pleased to share that I purchased the bike at a very reasonable price.   I'm pretty sure Schwinn is a good name for a bike like this.  In any case, I pretty much love it!  It needs a paint job and some air in the tires but the style is exactly what I want. 

My Dad said he would paint it for me.   Now the big decision is what color should I paint?  These are two of the possibilities so far.  I'm kind of into both of them.  The basket will be a wicker one for sure.

I know it's kind of random to want to get an restore a bike like this but I'm all about embracing new things right now.  It just feels like something I should do.  And after all the stuff that's gone on with me lately, the fact that I got excited about something as simple as this is a good thing.  And eventually maybe , I'll be  riding down the street and make someone stop and think, "that girls looks so relaxed and lovely..."


Ms. Attitude said...

This bike is so cool! I like the looks of them too, but they wouldn't work well for me on the trails, so i have to stick with the mountain bike.

I say go with the green. It's a pretty shade and you can't beat that!

Sabrina said...

I'm voting for the pink Allison. You will look adorable on it no matter what!!