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Monday, January 13, 2014

It Can Wait

On Friday afternoon I realized that I had the entire weekend off.  It made me so happy.  I had so much to do--take down my trees (don't judge this is the first year I've had them up past the new year), clean my house, do laundry (like 10 loads), errands, etc.   

BUT...I didn't do ANY of it.

Instead this is how I spent my weekend:

Hanging out with my cute little god son on Friday night.  Isabel and I got Chinese food and hung out.  Baby cuddles and girl talk. Love.
Saturday morning I got up and decided I would go to Saratoga to watch the Cuse/UNC game with my friend Beth and her kids.   She's the cutest little cheerleader, isn't she?
We hung out all afternoon (and watched the end of the Duke loss--YES!) We went out to eat at a cute place.  I had this amazing pumpkin, apple mac and cheese....yum. 

An added bonus was that Saratoga has an Alex and Ani storefront and I was able to finally get my Syracuse bracelet.  I've been trying to get this for months.  It wasn't available on line for the longest time.  Whew. 
I came home early on Sunday morning and met up with Sabrina to walk to our volleyball practice.  And then I ran errands.  I was tired but I got a few things done.  On my drive home I rememberd that I needed to get the Dave Matthews wines (you know for decoration) so I stopped by and picked it up.  I've been wanting this for awhile so I was glad I remembered to actually do it.
To end the weekend (and to avoid my chores) I went over to Sabrina's to watch the Golden Globes.  Eliza has a special week at school this week so she was proud of her poster.  This kid is pure sweetness. 

We watched the awards with wine.  It was a good way to end a good weekend.  So what if my house is still a wreck today.  It can wait.  I'd rather spend time with the good people in my life on a weekend off.  It really is a whole new AG for 2014!


Ms. Attitude said...

Your weekend sounds awesome! So glad you got to spend it with special people...and wine. :)

Beth said...

Thanks for coming! Next time I promise to take you out on the town (as long as it's not deathly foggy out!). And, BTW, the pumpkin apple mac and cheese is still good (so is your pumpkin hummus - sorry! I didn't realize that was packed in with ours!)! xoxo