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Friday, April 18, 2014

Hoppin Good Time

I'm laying low these days.  Work.  Do stuff.  Sleep.  Repeat.  I'm focusing on happy things.  

With that I've been bringing the happy things into work with me.   

My office is festive.  A group of ladies that are always down for a celebration.  This week was no exception.  On Tuesday we celebrated an award that someone received so we brought in some snacks.  I tried out this chocolate covered strawberry (to look like carrots) situation.  The chocolate I used wasn't so good.  But you get the point...

Then Wednesday we celebrated our students for Student Staff Appreciation Day.  I contributed these carrot veggie things.  (Crescent rolls with veggie cream cheese)  I don't like cream cheese so I didn't taste them but they turned out pretty cute.  (MUCH better than the strawberries).

I brought in a guessing game of how many bunny tails were in the jar for the week on my desk.   Today the winner received the jar and a Dunkin Donuts gift card.  The winner guessed EXACTLY how many were in there.   Impressive.

And these are the treats for all my coworkers.  Little ice cream cones filled with candy.  They turned out pretty cute!
Whew.  It's been a festive and busy week in the office.  I'm looking forward to going home and relaxing.  No plans tonight and no real Easter plans either.  I'm going to dye eggs and do something fun.  I was thinking of how fun it would be to have an Easter basket again.  Or make one for someone else.  I don't really remember ever getting too many Easter baskets in my life so I'm always a little envious of the families that do fun things like that.  And Easter egg hunts.  I really like those. 
IF I got one this year...I'd want this to be in it (a new anchor Alex and Ani bracelet that I currently love)  And my Nike watch.  And maybe some new running socks.  hahaha.    And coffee gift cards.  Okay, Okay, and a chocolate bunny (just because it's rude not to have that)  Now that would be one FUN Easter basket, huh?
I'm going to try to find an Easter dress now...maybe I'll go to church.  With a big hat....and gloves.  And then get Chinese food.  :)
Haha!  Happy Easter weekend to all that celebrate!  Enjoy!  xoxo

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