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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Plot from the Top

I need to document this because I often tell stories of how Gracie really is the most naughty cat in the world. Case in point. She claws her way up the towel hanging on the back of the door and proceeds to perch and judge me from the top of the door while I get ready for work in the morning.
I'm pretty sure she's plotting to take over the world.
You heard it here first.
Happy Wednesday!


Courtney said...

I seriously believe that Gracie and Sasha were sisters separated at birth.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new profile pic, by the by. Gorgeousnesss!

Ms. Attitude said...

HAHA! I swear that it is Annie's mission sometimes to trip me any way she can. I also love the new profile picture. It's great!

Cristina said...

OMG. If I didn't know that was your dear Gracie, I would think it might be a little agent of doom.

Lis said...

Hahhahaha LOVE IT!!!

Deanna said...

Aggghh! I had to sheild my cats eyes so he wouldn't get any ideas! lol