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Monday, April 6, 2009

Time Out

I'm not sure what is happening today but I've been in a cranky mood all day. So much so that I had to close my office door to give myself a time out. I never shut my door unless I'm in a meeting. I think being in and out of the office for the last two weeks has me feeling really behind. And I had to work late tonight too (yes, I scheduled an event on the same night as the basketball championship--I'm a genius.)

In my crankiness and rush to get back to work after dinner, I didn't have time to brush my teeth so I tried one of these new little wisp things that I got this weekend (I had a coupon). Um, hello. Wow...I'm impressed. It doesn't replace brushing of the teeth but I can get down with this. It freshened me right up. It's the perfect thing to keep in your bag for those busy days.
Have you tried these yet? What do you think?
I'm off to bed to sleep off the crank. After I brush my teeth, of course. :)


Mrs. S. said...

Sorry to hear about your crummy day! I have not tried those Wisp things yet. I wondered how they work. Since I know they work well, I might go purchase some so that I can throw them in my desk drawer at work. Sounds like a plan!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Ms. Attitude said...

I hope Tuesday is a better day for you! There are a lot of times I wish I had a door to shut to have a "time out".

Heather said...

I have been wanting to try those Wisp things, but haven't yet. I get stressed out if I am not able to brush my teeth pretty soon after eating, so these seem like a good invention.