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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vacation Brain

I still have vacation/conference brain and the weather was nice today. This is not a good combination. But I got through it. My cats got back home this morning. My mom was taking care of them while I was gone on my two trips and my dad was nice enough to drive them back over to me this morning. (Thanks Mom and Dad) So now I'm back to normal. I love going on trips but I always like to come home too. There is nothing like sleeping in my own bed. Or seeing Gracie and Sadie curled up at the end of it.

Yesterday we made a really quick stop at some outlet stores in Hershey. These are my three favorite things I picked up.
A cute clutch bag. It's the perfect size.
I love these flip flops.
A new green bag. I know...shocking.
It's all about accessories after all.
I'm excited that tomorrow is Friday so that I can catch up things around here. I think Saturday is going to be all about relaxing at home. Working two days in a row is tough. :)


Mrs. S. said...

Haha...shopping is always so good on conferences! I love your green bag!

Ms. Attitude said...

I love that bag! The flip flops are cute too.

Cristina said...

good flip flops.