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Monday, November 29, 2010

Swag It Up

This morning started off rough.  I was really unhappy a bout going back to work.  But I put on my new boots and got through the day.  Whew.  The day ended up much better than it began.  Although I didn't get home until about 9:30 pm.

 I am currently sitting on the couch watching the CMA Christmas special, and I feel like I should be doing something productive.  I glanced at the bag of the Christmas swag I am in the middle of making, and thought about finishing it.  But then....I decided that it would be more fun (and less work) to blog about it.  (does that count as lazy if I had to get up to take pictures of it?)  So here goes my little step by step of the swag.  I learned this at a craft night a few years ago.  I like to have one for each season...

1.  Cut strips of fabric.  You can decide how wide you want the fabric.  This one is about 2"
2.  I use heavy duty jute.  To begin tie a slip knot at the end and then begin tying the strips of fabric to the twine.  And that's it. 
3.  After you reach the desired length, make another slip knot at the end.  That's your swag.  I like to rough up hte edges so it's a little more frayed looking.  
 I'm putting mine on the mantle once it's done.  It's a really easy project.  You can use any kind of fabric and alternate different fabrics.  I just wanted to use a Christmas plaid this time around. 
And that's it for my creativity tonight.  Maybe tomorrow I'll actually finish the swag.

Happy Monday!


Angie said...

hi allison this is ava!!!!how was your thankgiving? my thankgiving was good!! love the fabric that you used!! This is Angie- ha ha

amy (metz) walker said...

Very cute idea!

Ms. Attitude said...

that is so simple, yet adorable!