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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flat Stan's Oneonta Adventures

Flat Stanley came to visit me for about a week from my friend Allison's son.  I was really excited to show him around town and have him do some fun activities. 

Flat Stan arrives.  He was pretty tired because he came fromVegas.
He rested for a bit and then we both tried some bubble tea for the first time. 
 We played with a guiding eyes for the blind puppy in training, Katie.  Isn't she cute?
 Stan joined us for a dinner at Friendly's.  Here he is with Jill.  (They made friends)
 He clowned around with the "interesting" art at Friendly's.
 He attended a Student Senate meeting.  These are the student government leaders at Hartwick.  They make lots of decisions about things on campus.
 He wanted a group shot with some of the senators.
 He also attended an All Greek Council meeting. These are representatives from all of our Fraternities/Sororities on campus. 
 He attended an Etiquette Dinner for seniors.  At this dinner, we learned about proper etiquette to use when dining with business associates. Stanley learned a lot! Ask him what to do with your napkin when you use the restroom.
 He was the only male in attendance at the Royal Sleepover at Club Chestnut (or Castle Chestnut if you prefer). Here he is getting ready to get some sleep before the wedding with Sara and Jill.
Here he is getting into the spirit by posing with the Duke and Dutchess!
 He hung out with Gillian to watch some of the wedding, too.
We rested after the wedding but then the rest of the weekend, was BUSY.  Oneonta and Hartwick (the two colleges in town) host a big concert in the park called OH Fest.  Here he is dancing with Jill to the Michael Jackson tribute band!

 Enjoying the crowd and fun before the main act:  Pitbull!
 After the concert, we enjoyed some Sal's pizza--my favorite pizza in town!
 We woke up early the next day to go over to Oneonta State.  Here he is posing with the building that I used to work in and the building that my friend Allison was an RA in.  Good ol' Tobey Hall!
 And for good measure he wanted to take a picture with the little flag on the lamp post.
 The weather was so nice that we went for a hike up to Tablerock.  Stanley LOVED the view!
 He wanted to pose by the Strawberry Field sign.
 Another view from our walk.  This is with Oneonta State in the background.
 Stan and I hanging out!
 Stanley was excited to hang out with a sorority at the Greek neighborhood picnic.  Here he is with the ladies of Gamma Phi Delta.
 Stanley visited the vet with Jill's dog, Cedar.  I think Stan may be considering a career as a veterinarian.
Before we knew it, our time together was over.  Here he was saying goodbye to Club Chestnut before he traveled back home.
Thanks for visiting, Stan!  I hope you had fun in O-town!


~ Mama said...

What a wonderful vacation you gave Stan, thanks so much! He had a great time and is still talking about the concert :)

Ms. Attitude said...

This was certainly a fun trip for Stanley! I wonder if he would like to visit me sometime?