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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wribbon Wreath

I know I spelled ribbon wrong on the title.  I thought I was being clever.  Ha.  Whatever, I'm tired.  Today was graduation so I had to stand for 3 hours in regalia.  I need a nap, but I felt like to finally posting pictures of this project.  It started a few months ago.  A few friends ordered ribbon from ebay or etsy or something (I don't  know, Angie was in charge of that) and we were going to get together and do these wreaths together.  I'm pretty sure there was still snow on the ground when we started this. 

Anyway, the ribbon came in and months we spent one night cutting all the ribbon and made loops secured by a dab of hot glue.  That took about an hour or so.  I'm pretty sure the wine I drank whilst doing this project kept me entertained.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago and we finally got around to finishing. 

Basically, we took the aforementioned ribbon loops and glued them on a wreath form randomly.  Here it is as I was getting started.  Wine was in order for this part too.  That definitely helped with the burns I received from the hot glue gun. 
This is the finished product.  It now lives on my office door.  It's definitely a bright and fun addition for the summer. 
I should make another for the fall.  Judging by how long this one took to complete, I better get started now...

After I take a nap.

Happy Saturday! 


Ms. Attitude said...

That is a very cute wreath! I have been thinking of making a ribbon wreath myself, but it seems I never have the time.

~ Mama said...

I make a ribbon wreath that is much quicker, with squares of fabric and you just push them into the wreath. I'll send you a pic :)