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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It's definitely feeling more like spring now.  Besides getting to wear cute dresses with no tights again, I went to my first yard sale this past weekend.  Oh, and stopped by a junk store.  Here are the treasures I picked up:

The window is actually from a few years ago.  Angie, Sabrina and I were driving past a house and saw them sitting outside.  Long story short, the guy gave us three of them so we each took one.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but it's gonna be something cute.

I also found the turkey platter for $3.  I always wanted a turkey platter....though I'm not sure why because I've cooked a turkey.  Maybe I will this year.  Maybe I will.

The orange vase is going to be a fall vase.  I love the color.

Perhaps my favorite item is the plate.  I think I'm going to weave cute ribbon through it and maybe put sort of monogram or something in the middle.  I got two so I may use one as a fun serving plate too. 
But this got me thinking about the projects I need to do this summer. Things such as:
  • spray painting the chest (in the above picture)
  • painting the wicker furniture and rocker from last summer
  • painting my bathroom
  • finding a new desk and bookshelf for the "weird" room
  • painting the weird room
  • cleaning up the front yard and making it not such a hot mess
  • cleaning out the storage room, closets, and anything I don't need in my life
Whew.   I can't wait until the summer!

Happy Tuesday!

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Angie said...

what a looong list!! I have so much that I need to do too!! I will send you the link for the monograms.