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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Funky Cold Medina

You know what's annoying when you are on day five of a funk?

Going outside to my car to charge my phone because my indoor charger is broken. (Literally, a piece broke inside of the phone.) I had to get it taken out by my friends at the Verizon store and was too cheap to spend 30 bucks on a new charger. I'm not really sure why a charger costs $30 in the first place. But I didn't get it and now I'm paying the consequences.

It's also snowing out right now so I had to brave the elements to do this task.

I may or may not burst into tears for no good reason.

Tomorrow I will talk about the nice things that have happened this weekend, but for now I just want to be funky.


Angie said...

Yuck! How awful, I hate how expensive everything associated with cell phones are! Anyway I like your new header and we need to get together soon because I got you the best b-day present ever!! You are going to love what I got you. Talk to you soon.

Jaded Jill said...

Allison~ check out EBAY for a charger WAY cheeper! I think this would be the right one for your phone:

Cristina said...

Cell phones mark the beginning of the end of days. I hate mine sometimes. For no good reason, really, but I agree with Angie that they are annoyingly expensive to own. It's a conspiracy. Turns out I don't have to go to class Tuesday night! Yea! Let's plan it up. No birthday funks allowed ;>

Courtney said...

I officially hate the phone-charging industry on your behalf. Eff them for making you upset! :)

I burst into tears for no good reason on a twice daily basis. Funkers unite! xoxo

Chitown Meg said...

I hear ya!! It's the winter blues babe!! And I'm right there with you. My car charger broke to my phone, so I have the opposite problem! Anyways, thinking of you!