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Monday, January 19, 2009

Pink Shower

Since I moved around during my childhood, my cousins and I didn't spend a lot of time together but my cousin Geri is only two years younger than me so we kept in touch through letters and she ended up going to my college when I was a junior. I loved that we got to spend that time together and could share some fun memories back then.
I still don't get to see her as much as I would like (and sadly she only lives an hour away) but I was thrilled when I found out she was pregnant with a little girl. So I ventured to her shower this weekend. She looks great and was so excited about all the cute pink clothes that she opened. Pink and Purple--two of my favorite colors. Luckily, the blanket I made her had both in it.
She was so cute opening the presents.
I'm so glad I could go and shower the mother-to-be with pink cuteness. I'm excited to meet little Lily so that I can tell her how lucky she is is to have my cousin as her mommy.

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Angie said...

So cute, I love the colors of her shower!! The pic of you and Colleen on Beth's blog is so cute!!
Talk to you soon!