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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Roxy Joins Club 33

Happy Birthday to one of my greatest friends, Beth!

(Here she is getting her hair done on her wedding day)
Beth and I go way back...

A long time ago we came up with nick names. I was Ginger (for obvious reasons) and she was Roxy. We even sponsored the "Ginger and Roxy Show" at the end of the year to give awards to our co-workers. We were cool. Duh.

Today as Roxy enters Club 33, I thought I would do a sampling of "Ginger and Roxy" through the years.

We went to college together. We were both elementary education majors. Neither of us are teaching right now. Here we are at a party during senior year.

After graduating, we both decided to become Residence Hall Directors at the college we attended. This is at Cristina's (She went by Heidi) wedding.Here we are with one of our colleagues at a social event. Ginger and Roxy played as hard as we worked. We went to graduate school together too because "We All Learn Better Together" Here we are at graduation. I won't be able to see Beth today on her B-day but I did get to go see her last weekend (it was a very short visit) but I had fun hanging with her and her adorable children. Colleen was very interested in the Vera Bradley wallet I gave Beth. Happy Birthday Roxy! I hope you have a fantastic day!

Don't worry. We're still cool.


Beth said...

Thanks, Alli! That was a lovely tribute to Roxy & Ginger through the years. Please correct the spelling error "neither of us OUR teaching right now". I shuttered when I read it. Then my birthday will be complete! :) love ya

Cristina said...

That was a fun post! Ginger & Roxy...good times, good times. I was honored to join you as HB. Talk you soon!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!!

Brenda Heisler said...

Happy Birthday to Beth. What great friends. Nice photos of friendship.