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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wake Up Suzy

One of my pet peeves is Christmas stuff being left out after Christmas. I can deal with it until January 1st and then I'm done.

Last Saturday I was over at my friend *Suzy's house having some pink champagne with a bunch of our friends. To my horror, her little Christmas tree was still proudly displayed on her table.

Yes, blog friends, it's true. There were still stockings hung on the wall with care.

When I mentioned (mocked) this aloud, my friend shrugged and rolled her eyes at me.

I think I died a little inside.

She stepped out of the room and we (I think Jill helped me with this task) took immediate and decisive action. The little cute tree was carried into the bathroom and placed it in the tub. And we/I laughed hysterically over this. (Looking back, it's not really even funny, but pink champagne really makes me giggle)
The stockings were thrown into the laundry hamper. We thought we were so sly (I mean, look at how proud we were of ourselves)Suzy walked in to the room. Looked at me. And asked, "you put the tree in the bathtub didn't you?"


But at least the Christmas tree is now taken down.

Mission accomplished.

*Names have been changed to protect the blogless.


Lis said...

Hahahaha this is hilarious!! I would have done the same thing!

Mrs. S. said...

That has to be the best thing I have heard this week! Haha!

Beth said...

At first I was worried - you visited my house on Saturday. I may have a lot of crap in my house, but no Christmas trees! Names changed to protect the blogless.... too funny!

Jaded Jill said...

we rock (and roll)!

Ms. Attitude said...

Oh, I hate Christmas decorations left up that long. My best friend used to be one of those people. In my town, some people still have pumpkins in their yard along with the Christmas decorations. Ugh.

Fuzzy said...

Don't they make medication(s) for the holiday OCD that you apparently suffer from? Oh and why drag other innocent people into your nightmare :-)

Mrs. Ruby said...

Haha...SO FUNNY!

I used to hate when my mom would get "too busy" and wouldn't put up the tree until the end of January. Ahh!

Sara's Mom said...

Okay, there is one thing you have neglected to consider. Epiphany is January 6! This is the "3 Kings Day" to those of you that do not have a faith basis to your Christmas decorating. Most faithful are "late" to put their Christmas decorations up. Some even doing it on Christmas Eve and have a "religious basis" to when they take them down. I just felt it was necessary to explain this from an "old school" person's view.

When you consider that, the time of Christmas decorations is not all that long. (12 days of Christmas). Those that put their decorations up at the close of Halloween or Thanksgiving are the real Christmas offenders!

AG said...

This was not meant to suggest that I don't consider the relgious significance of decorating. I do. This happened well after January 6 however.