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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Taste Buds

I have always had very specific food tastes. I was a pretty picky eater throughout my childhood. For example I didn't like the sauce on pizza, I couldn't take it when there were onions or peppers in anything. I hated any white and creamy cheese. Yuck.

In the last few months, I've noticed that my food tastes have changed yet again. I know this happens because I've been eating sauce on my pizza for many years now and my favorite pizza topping is now peppers and onions. And I'm not sure if this is linked to the changing of my eating habits in general but I've made a big food discovery recently.
Hummus. I love it. It's delicious with veggies. It's delicious on a bagel or sandwich. It's just delicious. I can't get enough. Yum! And of course, I can't forget my feta. I was ALWAYS anti-crumbly cheese but a few years ago, I tried it and have been in love ever since. I think just about everything tastes better with feta.
And because I'm on a food related topic, I found these at the store yesterday. Banana Nut Cheerios. I have never liked Honey Nut Cheerios BUT I love anything banana flavored so I needed to have them. Yum!
What are the foods you love?


Cristina said...

Hummus rocks and I'm a feta fan as well. I haven't tried those Cheerios, but I might, esp. if Tim and Sam will eat them too.

Ms. Attitude said...

I like hummus too! One of my favorite foods: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. yum

Beth said...

2 words for you: Beef O'Flarity :)

Steve Morozumi said...

hummus and feta rock! i've also been diggin Trader Joe's pesto feta cheese stuffed tortellini! yum! :D-you made me hungry, time to go eat!

-Steve @ fluxlife

Kelly said...

I notice that my tastes change too as I get older.

Hummus is great. Have you ever tried it with Tabouli? I could eat Feta right out of the package.

Thank you for your prayers, It means a lot

Brenda Heisler said...

My food taste have changed so much in the last 58 years it's not even funny. I love hummus too. Great with veggies or crackers. Try dipping pretzels in it.

Cute topic.