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Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'd Like to Thank...

I'm a sucker for award shows. I like them all. I like to know I'm watching someone achieve their dream. I always get a little lump in my throat when someone gets emotional during a speech. I especially like the Grammy Awards because they are just fun. I love music and generally have a good idea about what's on the Hot 100 most days. (I revealed that I wanted to be a pop singer when I was little so it MAY have something to do with that) So I made sure I was in my PJ's ready to watch tonight. (Okay, so I totally watched the pre-show on E!---shhhh)

As I sit here watching, I find myself thinking about what I would say during an acceptance speech. I realize that the chances of me winning a Grammy are less than zero but I like to be prepared.


It's actually really difficult to think of something meaningful that sums up your life's work in less than 30 seconds. Wow.

Maybe I'll have figured it out before the Academy Awards....because you know I'll be watching.


Anonymous said...

Wow I didn't even know these were on last night. I'm addicted to Big Love on HBO and I didn't even look to see what else was on. Were they good?

About the facial...I'm suspecting that since you are fair skinned like me you face might be a little red. I was back to normal by that evening.

Ms. Attitude said...

I am getting ready for the oscars. That is my favorite awards show of all time!

Beth said...

Just be sure to give Roxy a shout out when you deliver your acceptance speech :)