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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Message from the 90's.

scrunch·ie also scrunch·y (The American Heritage Dictionary)
noun. pl. scrunchies

An elasticized fabric ring used chiefly by women and girls to gather or fasten the hair.

Remember when scrunchies were the coolest accessory you could have? And when you weren't using them to hold back big, permed hair, a scrunchie could add a little pizazz to your outfit by sporting it on the wrist. Yes, 1990 was a good year for the scrunchie.

So what has me thinking about this retro hair accessory in 2009? Well, I happened to spot a number of scrunchies recently and it made me cringe. I have an aversion to the scrunchie. Yes, I admit it. It's one of the fashion trends of yesteryear that bothers me. For some it may be leg warmers, others may be anti-skinny jeans. For me, it's the scrunchie. I saw a woman wearing one on her wrist yesterday while I was at Walmart. Of course, judgement ensued. After my Walmart trip, I was at a meeting with some students. I told them about my scrunchie aversion. We all had a good laugh about fashion trends of the past. I suggested that they have a scrunchie theme party (like an ugly sweater party).

Some of the students thought they were funny today and left this on my office door.
Hilarious, girls. Hilarious.

What are your fashion/accessory pet peeves?

(This is not intended to offend any scrunchie advocates out there. It's all in fun, I swear.)


Beth said...

damn. I got you a new scrunchie for Valentine's Day. I'll just return it to 1990 now. Your loss.

Cristina said...

Tell them to set up a donation box at Walmart.

Always Organizing said...

Love the sign your students made!

My fashion pet peeve is black jeans. They have no purpose and always look faded.

Ms. Attitude said...

Haha! Scrunchies were awesome! You could even use them to gather an extra large t-shirt at the hip and look cool with your leggings! I hate the "saggy pants" look. It drives me crazy!

Jaded Jill said...

I saw that note on your door yesterday and thought if must of been the Phi Sig girls that were in your office - funny ladies!

jess said...

In 2003 I dumped a guy because he called my pony-tail holder, which was just an elastic band, a scrunchie. (Okay, I didn't break up with him until a year later when he cheated on me, but the scrunchie comment should've sent me running!)

The Pink Chick said...

This is hilarious! I too hate scrunchies, but I was so guilty of wearing them in middle school and high school!