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Thursday, February 5, 2009

THS Lipgloss Lounge

Life has been relatively quiet this week so I've been a boring blogger. Don't get me wrong, I've had a lot to think about but I'm not quite ready to put those thoughts into words. I'll just put it this way...there is a giant fork in my road soon and I'm starting to think about which way to go. It's definitely not light, fun blog material yet. BUT it IS kind of exciting.

Anyway, I was reading one of my favorite blogs Life with Attitude and Ms. Attitude played this little game and I thought it looked like a fun thing to do so she e-mailed me my own set of questions. I feel like I have my own E! True Hollywood Story. Ha!

(My dad and I when I was little. Every THS has pictures of childhood, right?)

1.What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?
I always wanted to be a teacher from a very early age. I played school on a regular basis and my brother was always the principal in his room so I could send the "bad" kids there for a good, stern talking to. I did think I wanted to be a veterinarian for awhile because I loved animals so much. I held on to that until I realized I would have to actually fix a broken bone or cut a puppy open. Yikes. No way. That was the end of that. I also spent a lot of time thinking I was going to be a famous pop singing sensation (just like my idol Debbie Gibson).

The teacher part held. That's what I went to college for. Although I'm not exactly a "teacher" now, I'm still in education so I consider that close enough. I still have "secret" hopes that I'll make it in the entertainment industry. But not as a singing sensation. More like Oprah.

2.What is your dream/favorite vacation spot and why?
My dream at the moment is a beach cottage somewhere. I don't really care where. I just want to go away and be able to sit by the beach with friends (and my hot boyfriend yet to be named) and just relax. I envision lazy days laying on the beach reading books and magazines and the nights would be going to cute little places in town to enjoy a nice meal with drinks and lots of laughter and conversation. I think that would be so relaxing and peaceful. I should really look into doing that this summer. Who wants to go?

3.What is your oldest memory?
I think my oldest memory is when I had to get stitches in my forehead after I tripped on steps at a miniature golf course in Myrtle Beach. I just remember having my head wrapped up like a mummy. Hmmm...there has to be a memory before that though. I was 4...shouldn't I remember being 3? Weird.

4.If money were no object and you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Internationally, I think I would move to Paris. I loved it there when I went back in the day and would love to spend more time there. Domestic--I would love to live in NYC. Seriously. I would LOVE to live in a large city that has a mix of art, culture, and class. And fashion. And night life. And anonymity.

5.Do you have a celebrity crush? If so, who is it?
LL Cool J has always been my ultimate crush. I've seen him up close and he's beautiful. I literally stop what I'm doing when he's on TV. And I will admit that I still find the New Kids on the Block very attractive. All of them. But I'm still all about Jon. (it's okay, you can judge.)

Now if you would like a turn to answer MY questions.. (I'll send you my own)

1. Leave me a comment & your e-mail address saying, "Interview me." If you dare.

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

The first five 'askers' get the interview!


Cristina said...

Interview me - you know my email. And by the way, that picture is wonderful.

Ms. Attitude said...

Yay! Thanks for playing along; these were terrific answers! I fell in love with Paris too when I went way back when.

Courtney said...

Oh, I totally want to play!!

Sass said...

Those were great answers! Every time I see LL Cool J on tv, I just want to touch his stomach...

No clue why.