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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You're a Winner!

Today I was THRILLED to get a package from one of my favorite bloggers Ms. Attitude at Life With Attitude. I won her January giveaway--and I love it! it's like she had me in mind when she purchased this stuff. Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world so I just adore this cute vintage Paris box. I also love note cards (a girl can never have too many) and the purse picture frame is adorable (you all know how I feel about handbags. :) So Thank You to Ms. Attitude...you made my day!Tonight I was tuned in to American Idol because one of our college students made it to the Hollywood round. He seems to have advanced to the next round, so that's very exciting. He's very talented and often performs on campus for different events. We didn't see him singing but we did catch a glimpse of him standing on stage.

So it's Tuesday night and you know what that means...

That's right...the result of my doodles giveaway. You've been on the edge of your seat, right?
The names all folded up on pieces of paper (on recycled paper, btw) My friend Jill and her dog Cedar came over to assist me with the drawing after American Idol. She lives in the building next door. Thanks for the help, Jill. (On a side note my cats were putting on quite a show with Cedar in here....it was hilarious)
Who did you pick, Jill?
And the winner is....
Courtney from Mutterings and Musings! Congratulations Courtney! I'll be mailing your prize out first thing in the morning. :)


Cristina said...

Yay Courtney! Allison, that was quite the suspenseful post - I scrolled down kind of nervous! Nice work.

Beth said...

I watched some of AI tonight... I couldn't remember the name of the kid from Hartwick, though. Glad to hear he made it through. You'll have to fill me in on his name so I can pay closer attention.

Congrats to Courtney! And to you on your recent win :)

Courtney said...

Yay for me!! I just had to school Mark on Vera Bradley last night (b/c of your flair!) so now it'll be funny to have a real life example to show him! And, I need new list-making supplies. These kids have thrown my life into chaos. The organizational tool is much appreciated!

Congrats on your win, too!!! Enjoy your goodies!

Angie said...

I can't believe you win so many giveaways!! The stuff is really cute!!
Talk to you soon,

Ms. Attitude said...

I am so happy you liked the gift. Paris is one of my favorite cites also!

Brenda Heisler said...

WOW!! Nice Paris style gifts. Very sweet. I've only been to Paris once. Have fond memories. Would love to go again.